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How it Works

Our main goal is to give our customers a great experience in purchasing a new car or refinancing their current car.

At City Lending, we act somewhat as a concierge between you and the car dealership. We schedule an appointment with a dealer in your area at a time and date convenient for you. The appointment is typically scheduled directly with the dealership's sales manager, letting you avoid the nuisance of discussing financing with the sales people on the floor. We can get you a competitive new loan or if your vehicle meets the requirements for refinancing, we can facilitate refinancing your current loan with more favorable terms.

Once you submit an application online, we'll call you to confirm your information and help you establish the right balance between your monthly payment, loan term and interest rate. Once we do that, all that remains is for you to tell us what make, model and year of car you're looking for, and we will communicate on your behalf with the sales manager at the dealership. You'll bypass all interaction with sales people who have no knowledge of your situation, and in many cases we can help you avoid the often-substantial dealer markup.

With our dealer relationships, we'll help you arrive at the best combination of vehicle price and financing costs. And of course, the right car!

We also partner with other lenders to make sure our customers always receive competitive rates and the best payment, even if the loan is not from us.

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Our Services

If you've been keeping an eye on financial news, you know that the Federal Government is going to raise interest rates in the next few months. The days of the zero interest loan could be over. So it's in your best interest to act on a new loan now. For a limited time, you may qualify for a new loan or refinance at an interest rate as low as 2.99% with approved credit.

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Many people in their original auto loans are not aware of how high their interest rate is, or that their monthly payments are exorbitant. If you qualify for a refinance loan from City Lending, the amount of money you can save, both monthly and over the long haul, can be staggering.

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At City Lending, we form a three-way partnership with you and our network of dealers to find the ideal vehicle with your budget firmly in mind. We'll help get you the best possible new or pre-owned car at a price and payments you can afford.

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Private Party

Have you found a car you would like to buy on Craig's List? Or do you have a friend or family member with a car you really want to buy? You have that dream car in your sights, so there's no need to go to a dealership. City Lending can provide a private party loan that enables you ...

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What is a FICO score?

Your FICO Score (named for Fair Isaac Company, which came up with the algorithm), is the most important tool a lender can use to assess your credit risk and whether they should offer you a loan. It will also go a long way to determine what interest rate and length of term you ... Learn more

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Why should I refinance my vehicle?

The main reason you should refinance your auto loan when your credit improves is certainly a good one - you can save money! Potentially, a lot of money. Learn more

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What is negative equity and how can it affect my next car purchase?

If you find yourself in a negative equity situation - your car is worth less than the loan balance - you are not in an ideal position. It's called being "upside down" for good reason, and you need to be careful about how you handle it. The ramifications can be long-term if not... Learn more

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How do I figure out how much my car is worth?

If you decide your vehicle is no longer for you and you want to trade it in for another one, the first thing you need to determine how much your vehicle is realistically worth. You can obtain a pr... Learn more

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How do I repair my credit?

How you manage your financial activity is the key to raising and lowering your credit score. It doesn't take long for credit card or other debt to escalate, but it can take a long time to correct the problem. Learn more


City Lending

In the confusing tangle of automotive financing, there is one company that stands out from the clutter.
City Lending.

Founded in 2015, City Lending is managed by a team of experts with decades of experience in the auto loan industry. Our foremost concerns are customer service, ensuring that the process goes smoothly, and getting our customers loans that don't break their budgets.

  • We find you the car you want.
  • We help get you the best deal possible on a new loan, or get out from under a problematic loan with a refinance.
  • We enable you to skip the inconvenience and aggravation associated with car dealerships.

Our charter is to provide a quality experience for our customers when they purchase an automobile and work with a reputable dealership to secure financing and the car of your dreams. We work directly with an extensive network of leading car dealers nationwide to provide favorable interest rates and monthly payments for each customer. Our dealerships are chosen because they offer the best rates and the best service in your area.

Our courteous, professional customer service representatives do not work on commission, and we require that they all have prior lending experience. In short, the people at City Lending care. We know our livelihood depends upon each customer having a favorable experience.


Our Mission

With a strong foundation in the automotive lending industry, City Lending continues to build value through customer satisfaction, and strives to be the preferred partner in helping our clients prosper in the world’s evolving financial market.

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